Monday, April 19, 2010

TGF - 'Royal Battle' Round #4!! - PLEASE Vote!!

Hi girls, we really, REALLY, need your help this week.
Next week is the final round of TGF's royal battle, and we SO want to make it to the last round!

When we started there were about 60 teams, now we're one of the 14 teams that are left!! Only 6 teams get to go to the final round, and we REALLY want to be one of the lucky teams.

This weeks challenge is created by the lovely Zoe!

Please remember that ANYONE can vote, so it doesn't matter if you've participated in the contest or not, you can still vote!!

All you have to do is register to the TGF gallery and leave a comment HERE, every comment counts as a vote, this week you can only vote for one team!

We would really appreciate your vote, please, pretty please..? lol!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



ScrappingHappy said...

i love it it looks great keep it up

Karin said...

we zijn niet door, balen zeg! was ook wel jammer dat er nog een team hetzelfde idee had als Zoe... :(