Thursday, March 11, 2010

TGF - Project Contest! Want to join my team?!

The Greeting Farm is going to have a project contest. We have until Wednesday to get a team togheter (3-5 members) and decide on a name.
Marie isn't giving us any other information about the contest just yet, just that it's going to be different and FUN and the prize is going to be FABULOUS!!!

Do you LOVE all things TGF as much as I do? Want to join in the FUN? I would love it if you joined my team!! Just send me an email and I will get back to you asap!!

Here's to hoping I can get a team togheter, lol!!

Thank you for stopping by,



Karin said...

I'd love to!!

Jenny V. said...

Count me in too!

Ria said...

COUNT me in if yah want me ;)
hugs Ria

Naoual said...

YEEY, looks like we're a team girls!! Thanks so much for joining!

Their are four of us now, we still have one spot open if anyone else wants to join!

If no one else wants to join it'll just be the four of us, can't wait to see what Marie has got in store for us!!

Thanks again for joining,

Hugs, Naoual xx

Zoe xx said...

Me me me if you think im good enough :) x x

miranda - miranda's freubelsite said...

i like and love the tgf stamps
count me in please,if you like my style
greetings miranda

judy said...

Hi, Don't know if you have the team yet but would love to be part of it. :) Please let me know. I love TGF stamps and Digis!!!

Melissa said...

If you are still looking for someone, I would love to be on your team!

Cheryl Richter said...

Hoi Naoual,

wat leuk zeg! Ik ben ook weg van the Greeting Farm, ik zou het ook heel leuk vinden, maar waarschijnlijk heb je al 5 mensen gevonden, of niet?

Anders zou ik ook wel mee willen doen.

Groetjes Cheryl x